One of Kyoto’s finest weeping cherry trees, hidden in a small temple

Honman-ji, a small temple is located in a quiet residential area, close to Shimogamo Shrine and the Kamo-gawa River. Honman-ji Temple is the head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism. The temple was founded in 1410 during the Muromachi period. After being destroyed by fire during the Tenmon and Horeki wars, it was moved to its current location. Honman-ji is a temple with a long history. It was an imperial temple of Emperor Go-Nara and is a place of prayer for the Tokugawa family in the Edo period.

Honman-ji is a nice spot off the beaten path where you can enjoy the four seasons of Kyoto in a quiet and calm atmosphere, however it seems to be gaining popularity recently.

The 100-year-old weeping cherry tree planted in the garden stands out in Kyoto for its beautifully shaped tree that spreads to the sky. It is said to be the sister tree of the famous weeping cherry tree in Maruyama Park. This huge cherry tree and its beautiful branches can be admired from every angle. There are some other cherry trees you can enjoy as well. It is typical of Kyoto that there are wonderful cherry trees hidden in a small temple.

Honman-ji is not only beautiful in spring, you can also view tree peonies and autumn leaves at the temple.

Honman-ji Temple(本満寺)

Address : 16-1 Tsuruyama-cho, Imadegawa agaru, Teramachi-dori Street, Kamigyo-ku

Hours : 9:00 to 17:00

Admission : Free

Access : 10-minute walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station

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