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Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival

One of the summer tradition in Osaka, Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival, 10,000 fireworks will color the night sky. Venue The riverbed between Shin-midosuji, Yodogawa Tekkyo…

Lake Biwa Big Fireworks Festival

A festival that will be held at Lake Biwa, the heart of Shiga Pref.  With 10,000 fireworks and gigantic fireworks being the main attraction. A…

Shirahama Fireworks Festival

The Shirahama Fireworks Festival is very gorgeous. The 1,000-meter long Niagara Falls fireworks launched off Shirarahama Beach is absolutely stunning.

Kameoka Hozugawa Fireworks Festival

Kameoka Hozugawa Fireworks Festival, You can see very artistic fireworks, such as ones with special commendations. Only paid seats are available to see fireworks. A…

Inagawa Fireworks Festival

Inagawa fireworks festival held together by Ikeda City, and Kawanishi City. A spectacular firework display launched between Osaka and Hyogo.

Itami Fireworks Festival

A spectacular firework display that can be seen from Osaka Itami Airport. You can see exhibition fireworks and also the golden willow fireworks.