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Canceled Tenjin-Matsuri Fireworks Festival

The Tenjin Matsuri fireworks Festival is the largest fireworks displays in the Kansai region. Enjoy the stunning Japanese fireworks.

Kameoka Hozugawa Fireworks Festival

Kameoka Hozugawa Fireworks Festival, You can see very artistic fireworks, such as ones with special commendations. Paid seats are available. A number of fireworks :…

Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival

One of the summer tradition in Osaka, Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival, 10,000 fireworks will color the night sky. A number of fireworks : 10,000 The…

Suito Kurawanka Fireworks Festival

Hirakata has held a large fireworks festival since 1956. Suito Kurawanka Fireworks will launch as many fireworks as the number of children born in the area.

Tanabe Fireworks Display / Wakayama

Fireworks light up the autumn sky over Tanabe Bay at this annual fireworks display. This is a part of Benkei matsuri Festival. (Benkei is Tanabe’s…

Wakakusayama Mountain Burning Festival

Mt. Wakakusayama is rising about 350 meters above sea level,Just behind Nara Park. Burning up the entire hill, with fireworks is held every year.