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Ofusa Kannon Spring Rose Festival

Visitors can enjoy about 2,300 varieties of roses and smell their fragrances while strolling through Ofusa Kannon temple's grounds in Nara.

Aizen-Matsuri Festival at Aizen-do Temple

The Aizen Festival prepares for the hot summer ahead with a parade of women wearing cool and attractive yukata. The Aizen-Matsuri 「愛染祭り」is Osaka's first summer…

Kyoto Gion-matsuri Festival

During the Heian period (794-1185), Kyoto suffered a series of natural disasters and plagues. As a form of appeasement to Mother Nature, a thousand years…

Tanabata illumination at Kibune Shrine

Every year, there are illuminations from July to mid-August at Kibune Shrine in Kyoto. Tanabata is a mythical tale of literal star-crossed lovers take place…

Ukai Cormorant Fishing in Arashiyama

Ukai is a traditional fishing method in which trained cormorants (large diving birds) are used to catch fish such as sweet fish (Ayu).This type of…

Ofusa Kannon Wind Chime Festival

Over 2,500 wind chimes, one of the features of Japanese summer are hung throughout Ofusa Kannon temple's grounds in Nara to make you forget summer heat.

Tanabata – The Star Festival

If you are wondering where to experience Tanabata, Osaka’s Shitenno-ji temple would be a great choice. Every year, the temple grounds are filled with people…

The legend of Amanogawa Osaka

July 7 is the official day of tanabata festivals. the legend of amanogawa is lit up by floating LED light balls creating a breathtaking sight.