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Nijo Castle Sakura Festival

There are approximetaly 400 cherry trees of late blooming varieties in a cherry orchard. The special night illumination is on during the bloom.

Entoku-in Spring illumination

Entoku-in, a sub-temple of Kodai-ji Temple, located along the Nene no michi street. The garden in the North Shoin is illuminated.

To-ji Temple Spring Illumination

Kyoto’s landmark, The five story pagoda at To-ji Temple is lit up with Cherry blossom. Easy access from JR Kyoto station.

Uchiagegawa Park Cherry Blossom Lit Up

About 200 cherry trees in Uchiagegawa Ryokuchi Park will be lit up. Those beautifuly lit up cherry blossom reflected on the surface of the pond is breathtaking.

Kiyomizu-dera Spring Illumination

Spring night at Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The stage and three-story pagoda are lit up, and the night view of Kyoto from the stage adds color to the spring evening.

Wakayama Castle Sakura Festival

Wakayama Castle is located very close to Wakayama city center. From late March to early April, 600 cherry trees turn the park into a sea of light pink.