keage incline

The Keage Incline/ Kyoto

he Keage Incline, located near the Nanzen-ji Temple in Kyoto is a slope with old railroad tracks. It is a famous spot for viewing cherry blossom in spring.


Haradani-en Garden/ Kyoto

Haradani-en Garden, located on top of a hill above Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto has a lovely hidden garden. It’s truly superb in cherry blossom season to visit.

negoro-ji pagoda

Negoro-ji Temple/ Wakayama

Negoro-ji, an ancient temple, located in the sacred Katsuragi mountains in Wakayama is enhanced by the seasonal colors. You can explore a national trasure.


Konkai Komyo-ji Temple/ Kyoto

A quiet and tranquil temple, located on Yoshida-yama hill in Northern Higashiyama, you can enjoy viewing nice cherry blossoms and autumn colors without crowds.

kyoto botanic garden

The Kyoto Botanical Garden

The oldest botanical garden in Japan, located north of Kyoto city is a good place to enjoy seasonal scenery, especially cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Kimii-dera Temple gate

Kimii-dera Temple/ Wakayama

An impressive temple with golden Buddhas, located in Wakayama is famous for its early bloom cherry blossoms, and the magnificent view of the Wakanoura Bay.

uchiage-gawa park

Uchiage-gawa Ryokuchi Park/ Osaka

Uchiage-gawa Chisui Ryokuchi Park, a greenery park with a flood control pond is located in Neyagawa city of Osaka, to offer a stunning sight of cherry blossom.