Seiryo-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Seiryo-ji, located in Arashiyama near Daikaku-ji is a temple known as the Saga-no-shaka-do. You can see attractive architecture and a unique statue of Buddha.


Shoryaku-ji Temple/ Nara

Shoryaku-ji, an ancient temple, located on the Bodaisen mountain in the southeast of Nara is called as the “Village of Brocade”, to offer an amazing scenery.


Kogen-ji Temple/ Hyogo

Kogen-ji, located in Tanba-city, Hyogo is known as the historical zen temple and “Tenmoku maple”. It’s one of the best spots of red maple leaves in the area.

negoro-ji pagoda

Negoro-ji Temple/ Wakayama

Negoro-ji, an ancient temple, located in the sacred Katsuragi mountains in Wakayama is enhanced by the seasonal colors. You can explore a national trasure.


Keisoku-ji Temple/ Shiga

Keisoku-ji, located in Nagahama city, an old abandoned temple is known for its beautiful “red carpet” approach, created by the falling red maple leaves.

eigen-ji temple

Eigen-ji Temple/ Shiga

Eigen-ji, located along the gorge of the Echi-gawa river in Shiga is a beautiful spot for autumn foliage. 3,000 maple trees color the whole mountain in red.


Katsuo-ji Temple/ Osaka

A temple, located in the forested region of Minoo city, Osaka, filled with the daruma dolls is one of the best place for autumn color along with Minoo Park.

konpuku-ji temple

Konpuku-ji Temple/ Kyoto

Konpuku-ji, located in northern Higashiyama of Kyoto is a quieter small temple, one of the most important historic site of Haiku, a Japanese style poetry.