Rurikoin Spring Special Viewing

Rurikoin is open to visitors only during special viewing periods in spring, summer, and autumn. Visitors may enjoy its iconic scenery of reflected maple leaves.

Kyoto Bus 1-day pass abolished

FEB 10, 2023
Kyoto City will stop selling one-day bus passes (700 yen for adults) , popular among tourists in September 2023 and abolish them in March 2024.

Byodo-in Temple Special Night Visit

Byodo-in, well known as its feature on the 10 yen coin will be lit up to create fantastic atmosphere with cherry blossoms and the image reflected in the pond.

Plum Festival at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Every year plum festival, at Kitano-Tenmangu is held on Feb 25th. One of the main events along with viewing plum blossoms is the special outdoor tea ceremony “.