Plum Festival at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Every year plum festival, at Kitano-Tenmangu is held on Feb 25th. One of the main events along with viewing plum blossoms is the special outdoor tea ceremony “.

Toka Ebisu Festival / Kyoto

Toka Ebisu Festival is held at the Kyoto Ebisu Shrine, located next to Kennin-ji. Women in traditional costume come to the shrine to hand out lucky bamboos.

Daikaku-ji Autumn illumination/ Kyoto

Autumn color illumination is held at Daikaku-ji Temple in Arashiyama. The reflection of autumn leaves on the Osawa-no-ike pond’s surface are so beautiful.

Mitarashi Festival at Shimogamo Shrine

During the Mitarashi Festival, people soak their feet up to the knees in the Mitarashi Pond in Shimogamo Shrine, light candles, and pray for good health.