Food samples might be nice souvenirs to take to home.

Sennichimae Doguya-suji shopping street in the Namba area, this unique shopping street is loaded with all kinds of cooking utensils and kitchen items. The shops deal in a variety of items, such as knives, pans, chopsticks, dishes, restaurant menus, and signs to support professional cooks and the distinguished food culture of Osaka.

Recently it has become very popular among visitors with food sample-making class.

Food sample refers to the plastic model dishes displayed at restaurant storefronts in Japan.
Food sample is made to help customers have a clear image of a restaurant’s menu, and you see them everywhere in Japan.

“Design Pocket” ,They sell various sample food goods, and provide a sample food making class.

Address : 10-11, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,

Hours :  everyday 11:00 to 18:00

Cost : From 500 to 2,000 yen

Info : A rice ball sample making lesson : Price: 500 yen (for one onigiri rice ball) : Required time: 30 minutes

Address : 14-5 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0075

Access : A short walk from Namba station on the Nankai Line, the Subway Midosuji Line, the Yotsubashi Line, Nippombashi station on the Subway Sennichimae Line, and the Kintetsu Line.

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