Inagawa Fireworks Festival

Inagawa fireworks festival held together by Ikeda City, and Kawanishi City. A spectacular firework display launched between Osaka and Hyogo.

Nintendo OSAKA Official Store

You can look out for a variety of Nintendo OSAKA original goods at Nintendo’s official store “Nintendo OSAKA” of Daimaru Umeda Store.

Uchiagegawa Park Cherry Blossom Lit Up

About 200 cherry trees in Uchiagegawa Ryokuchi Park will be lit up. Those beautifuly lit up cherry blossom reflected on the surface of the pond is breathtaking.

Nipponbashi Street Festa/ Cosplay event

Nipponbashi Street Festa is every Otaku’s dream of cosplay and anime, a colourful festival featuring cosplayers, robot performances, live music and much more.

Minoo Momiji Festival / Osaka

Minoo Momiji Festival is the annual event of the autumn. Visitors can see the different look of Minoo waterfalls and temples lit up fantastically.

Suito Kurawanka Fireworks Festival

Hirakata has held a large fireworks festival since 1956. Suito Kurawanka Fireworks will launch as many fireworks as the number of children born in the area.