Sumiyoshi Festival at Sumiyoshi Taisha

The Sumiyoshi Festival is held over three days. A highlight of this festival is the nagoshi-harai-shinji ritual on the middle day. The nagoshi-harai-shinji ritual involves…

Tenjin-Matsuri Fireworks Festival

The Tenjin Matsuri fireworks Festival is the largest fireworks displays in the Kansai region. Enjoy the stunning Japanese fireworks.

Tenjin-Matsuri Festival

Tenjin-Matsuri Festival is held to show the prosperity of Osaka and for the people to pray for business prosperity and their health at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.

Aizen-Matsuri Festival at Aizen-do Temple

The Aizen Festival prepares for the hot summer ahead with a parade of women wearing cool and attractive yukata. The Aizen-Matsuri 「愛染祭り」is Osaka’s first summer…

Osaka Expo Park Plum blossoms Festival

Japanese plum blossoms will be in their best at Osaka Expo park. There are 600 plum trees at natural culture park, and 80 plum trees are at Japanese garden.