A spiritual sanctuary, to offer mountain scenery, and the most hidden hot spring in Osaka.

Mount Inunaki-san is located in Izumisano City of Osaka. The area is well known for its hidden hot spring resort and Shipporyu-ji Temple (七宝瀧寺). The headquarters of the Inunaki school of Shugendo, which is one of the oldest Shugendo temples founded by En-no-gyoja about 1,300 years ago.

Inunaki-san Onsen hot spring resorts is situated along a gorge at the foot of the mountain in a natural environment. Inunaki-san is only an hour away from Osaka City. You can enjoy seeing mountain cherry blossom in spring, fireflies in summer, autumn foliage and snowflakes in winter.

The almost completely transparent of natural sodium hydrogen carbonate hot spring here is said to be effective for rheumatism, neuralgia, gastrointestinal diseases, and skin diseases as well as skin beautification. An authentic Japanese onsen with the rich natural surroundings, is sure to refresh anyone both physically and spiritually.

Inunaki (犬鳴) means “dog barking”, named after the legend that when a hunter was about to be attacked by a giant snail in the mountains in the era of Emperor Uda (887-897), his dog barked furiously and sacrificed himself to save his master’s life. You can see the tomb of this loyal dog on the way to Shipporyu-ji Temple.


Inunaki-san Shipporyu-ji Temple

Shipporyu-ji Temple (犬鳴山七宝滝寺) is located about halfway up Mt. Inunaki from Onsen resorts and the bus stop.  It’s about 30-minute walk on the twisting path along Kashii-gawa River to the entrance. The temple complex has an ancient, secretive appeal, and covered in large number of no-entry and no recording signs. But you are always welcome to visit, as long as you don’t get in the way. Near the entrance, visitors can see the large statues of the protective entity Mizuko Jizo, which is said to look after the souls of prematurely deceased babies.


Gyoja-no-taki waterfall

One of the main attractions is the sacred waterfall called “Gyoja-no-taki” near by the main hall, Shipporyu-ji-hondou. Visitors can only see the falls from a distance because the water is used in rituals by the monks, so visitors are kept away as far back as possible. Even though, you can still take some good photos of the falls.

Inunaki-san is one of the most stunning spots for autumn color, backdropped with a sacred waterfall.


There are still plenty of parts of the temple complex, you can explore. The temple has 28 pilgrim spots. They are at main Shugen-do training halls, near the waterfalls, rocks and the others are at smaller Shugen-do halls, small shrines. So visitors can easily make a pilgrimage. Visiting this sanctuary is a spiritual adventure, full of pleasant scenery.

Access : Take a Nankai bus from Hineno station on the JR Hanwa Line, a short walk from Inunakiyama bus stop. (About 120-minute from JR Osaka)

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