Japan’s best plum grove in Wakayama, to offer a fantastic view of a million plum blossoms in early spring.

Minabe Bairin Plum Orchard Grove in Minabe-cho town of Wakayama Prefecture is the largest plum garden in Japan, with about 100,000 plum trees. Minabe-cho town is a small town, situated on a small bay of the Pacific ocean and surrounded by mountains, it is a quiet and picturesque rural area.


Minabe Bairin Plum Orchard Grove is one of the best place for seeing plum blossoms. From late January to early March, white and pale pink plum blossoms color the entire mountain. You can enjoy both beautiful scenery and the sweet scent of plum. Visitors can stroll around the mountains decorated in white and pink while enjoying an aromatic fragrance produced by plum trees filled the air for miles. The Plum Orchard Grove draws crowds from around the country every year in the season.

Minabe Bairin Plum Orchard Grove(南部梅林)

Address : Oshine, Minabe, Hidaka District, Wakayama 645-0022

Access : Take a Ryujin bus from JR Minabe station on the Kisei line and get off at the first stop. (available only during the season)  

From JR Tennoji Station : Take the Kuroshio Limited Express train for an hour and 45 minutes to JR Minabe Station.

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