Traveling with new panda rapping train will definitely make your journey memorable!

The JR Kuroshio Limited Express operates between Kyoto to Wakayama and some Kuroshio Express runs as Panda Kuroshio Smile train with special Panda rapping from AUG 5, 2017 till NOV, 2019.

The reason why it has panda theme on it is that very popular pandas are found in the very well known safari and marine attraction, Wakayama Adventure World in Shirahama.To confirm the panda train‘s schedule, please contact JR.

panda train
● Inside the train(写真提供JR西日本)

Destinations of Wakayama

Kuroshio Limited Express runs along the coastline of the Kii Peninsula after leaving Wakayama Station. The route is very beautiful as the train runs between the mountains and the the sea. Seats on the right side of the train are recommended for the best views of the ocean.

Japan rail pass fully covers this route.


wakayama castle

Wakayama city’s biggest tourist attraction is Wakayama Castle. First built in the 16th century, the current castle is mostly a 1950’s reconstruction as it was destroyed in the last world war. The Kuroshio Market in Wakayama Marina City is another popular attraction.

Fare : 2730 yen   Japan Rail Pass
Time : 1 hour


Tanabe city is a key spot on the ancient pilgrimage route known as the Kumano Kodo. UNESCO World Heritage site Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine is found here and it is one of the Three Grand Shrines of Kumano. In addition, the city has many hot spring baths, some of them in the open air by the Kumano river. Kii-Tanabe Station is also just a five minute walk from Ogigahama Beach, a popular recreation spot.

Fare : 5270 yen   Japan Rail Pass
Time : 2 hours and 13 minutes



Shirahama is best known as a hot spring resort town. Many hot spring baths are located in the open air overlooking the sea. Shirahama is also famous for its beautiful, white sand artificial beach.

Wakayama Adventure World is also popular. It’s a mega theme park: a facility combining a safari park, zoo, aquarium and an amusement park. The main feature of the park is Panda Land, where, naturally, you’ll be able to see giant pandas.

Fare : 5600 yen   Japan Rail Pass
Time : 2 hours and 30 minutes


nachi water falls

Kii-Katsuura’s main tourist attraction is Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine, another of the Three Grand Shrines of Kumano and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 133 meter waterfall – Nachi no taki – is the tallest waterfall in Japan.

Fare : 6890 yen    Japan Rail Pass
Time : 4 hours

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