A Shrine for worshipers to pray for the healing tumors, boils by Ohyakudo Mairi, ritual performance.

Ishikiri-Tsurugiya Shrine, (石切剣箭神社) is located on the foot of Mt. Ikoma in Osaka. The shrine is well known as Ishikiri-san and very popular shrine to people since ancient times as the home of a deity who cures tumors and boils and any illnesses. As one of the worshiped objects here are swords, “Ishikiri-maru” and “Kogitsune-maru”. Those two swords are believed that are able to cut and penetrate any rocks. These two swords can be only seen at festivals in spring and autumn.

Today, Ishikiri-san attracts worshipers from all over the country who prays for healing. Your symptoms will be relieved if you walk one hundred times back and forth on the stone path between the entrance of the temple and the main sanctuary. This ritual performance of visiting and praying at the shrine a hundred times, called “Ohyakudo Mairi”, is particularly famous here.

Ishikiri-san may heal your symptoms by 100-time prayers.

Ishikiri-san gate
● The main gate to the shrine.
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● The water god, one of many small shrines in the precinct.

There are many shops along the approach to the shrine from train stations. You can enjoy strolling and find souvenirs, Japanese sweets, or more at this old style shopping street.

Adress : 1 Chome-1-1 Higashiishikiricho, Higashiosaka, Osaka 579-8013

Access : 7-minute walk from Shin-Ishikiri station on the Kintetsu Higashi Osaka Line, or 15-minute walk from Ishikiri station on the Kintetsu Nara Line.

Hours : 7:30 to 16:30 (Shrine’s ground open 24 hours)

Admission : Free

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