Walking through the lovely castle town and enjoy the view from the remains of the old castle.

Tatsuno Castle is located just 15km from Himeji castle in the Southwest of the Harima Region in Hyogo. Tatsuno town is very quiet and small, but when you stroll the narrow streets you can see old samurai houses and temples whle enjoying the historic atmosphere.

Originally the castle was built on the top of Mt. Keirozan in 1499 by Akamatsu Murahide, but it was demolished after being occupied by the new lord. The new castle was built in the current location, on the foot of the mountain in 1672 as a sub castle of Himeji Castle.

At the remains of the new castle, Visitors can see the reproductions of the palace, white walls, gates and a tower. The palace has magnificent Japanese-style rooms and a Japanese-style garden. You can enter for free.

castle town
● Tatsuno castle town
castle town
● White-mud walls in the town

After seeing the new castle remains, you will see the old castle remains. Actually, there are only original stone walls, and stone pavements remain today, though visitors can see the great view from the top of the hill. Tatsuno Castle park is also famous for the best spot to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.

Address : Japan, 〒679-4162 Hyōgo, Tatsuno, Tatsunocho Shimokajo

Access : From JR Himeji station to Hon-Tatsuno station on the JR Kishin line ,then 25-min walk to the park


tatsuno castle

Tatsuno Cherry Festival

Tatsuno park is one of the best place to celebrate the arrival of spring. There will be a parade of samurai warriors, a tea ceremony, food stalls during the festival.

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