Itami Fireworks Festival

A spectacular firework display that can be seen from Osaka Itami Airport. You can see exhibition fireworks and also the golden willow fireworks.

Inagawa Fireworks Festival

Inagawa fireworks festival held together by Ikeda City, and Kawanishi City. A spectacular firework display launched between Osaka and Hyogo.

Koko-en Garden Autumn Lit-up / Hyogo

Koko-en garden is particularly beautiful with autumn color. From sunset, Visitors can enjoy a fantastic view different from that during the daytime.

Nada Fighting Festival

Nada Fighting Festival is the popular festival in Himeji City. The portable shrines are jolted awhen carried on the shoulders of the men in the parade.

Nishinomiya To-ka Ebisu Festival

Nishinomiya-jinja Shrine is the home of the god of commerce. The Toka Ebisu Festival is always a lively event with many visitors and merchants.

Tatsuno Cherry Festival

Tatsuno park is one of the best place for cherry blossom viewing. There will be a parade of samurai warriors, a tea ceremony, food stalls during the festival. 

Himeji Castle Moon Viewing

Visitors can see beautiful Himeji Castle lit-up under the brilliant full moon in the night sky while having a picnic meal and a few drinks with friends.

Japanese Ceramics and Pottery market

The annual Himeji Pottery Market gathers japanese traditional pottery and ceramics from across the country to display their wares for sale at Otemae Park.