Railroad remains such as six tunnels and three bridges, following the Muko-gawa Valley surrounded by the beautiful nature, to open as a hiking trail.

An abandoned railway tracks, formed as part of JR Fukuchiyama line, where a locomotive train ran once has been adapted into a scenic 5 km hiking trail between Takedao station and Namaze station. Stunning views of gorges and mountains has been left behind. You can have the tranquil and unique hiking experience regardless of season.

The most of the trail is flat ground, so you don’t really need special hiking gear. Even though you need to bring a torch as you may walk through absolute darkness. Some of the tunnels are long enough, and the longest tunnel is 450-meter that you won’t be able to see either side of exits. Most hikers bring a torch to help guide the way, however smartphones will do these days, I suppose.


Takedao train tracks trail offer you the tranquil and unique hiking experience.

takedao trail autumn

The scary thrill of walking through absolute darkness of and then emerging into sunlight, wonderful nature and suspension bridges above gorges over and over. The combination of both man-made and natural beauty makes this trail so special. Particularly cherry blossom and autumn foliage create a spectacular scenery. The short hike can be done at an easy stroll.

If you plan to hike the whole trail of 5 km, It is recommended to start the route from Namaze station instead of Takedao station. Heading towards Takedao, scenic views become more and more beautiful as you go, along with the promise of Takedao-Onsen hot spring you can relax in at end.

Takedao Onsen Hot Spring

Takedao Onsen hot spring, located in the Mukogawa Valley is very quiet and surrounded by the beautiful nature. This hot spring was discovered by Naozo Takedao in the Edo era. Visitors can see the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring, and the breathtaking splendid colored leaves in autumn. There are open-air hot springs, you can take a bath while seeing autumn leaves.

Address : Dojocho, Kita Ward, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 669-1141

Train : Take the JR Fukuchiyama line from Osaka Station to Takedao station, or Namaze station.

From Takedao station : 8-minute walk to the downstream is the entrance of the trail. 5-minute walk from Takedao station, following the path to the upstream is Hot springs.

From Namaze station : 20-minute walk to the entrance. Turn right and walk down the hill from the station. You will pass through a small tunnel. After this tunnel the road meets an intersection where you should turn left, then keep walking along the river until you pass under a large highway.

After this highway, you cross the road and walk the slope down toward the river until you reach the small path going the upstream of the river. Keep going 100 m is the entrance of the trail.

Namaze station to Takedao station

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