A rustic and tranquil castle to offer nice views of the surrounding countryside and cherry blossoms.

Sasayama Castle Ruins is located in Sasayama City, Hyogo prefecture. Sasayama Castle was built by orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu. This castle is not magnificent or gorgeous like Osaka Castle and Himeji Castle. Sasayama castle has no donjon, but the Dai-shoin, a huge wooden building stands as the center building of the castle.

In 1944, Sasayama Castle was destroyed by fire in 1944, and The current building was reconstructed in 2004 by the donations of Sasayama city citizens. and magnificent stone wall is left.

Visitors can see some fine paintings from the early Edo period. Those paintings used to be “byobu-e” , pictures painted on the folding screens, but are used for the sliding doors and screens to create the atmosphere of the old days.

sasayama castle moat
● The inner moat
● Interior of the Dai-shoin

Sasayama castle is rustic and tranquil, but it offers nice views of the surrounding countryside. It’s not far from Kobe or Osaka, if you want to escape from bustle of big cities. Sasayama castle ruins is also a famous spot for cherry blossoms,  About 1,000 cherry trees surrounding the moat of Sasayama castle create a very beautiful scenery.

Sasayama Castle Ruins

Address : Japan, 〒669-2332 Hyōgo-ken, Sasayama-shi, Kitashinmachi, 2-3

Access : 17-minute bus ride from Sasayamaguchi station on the JR Fukuchiyama line to Nikai bus stop, then 5-minute walk

Hours : 10:00 to 16:00

Admission : 400 yen (the Dai-shoin)


Tanba Sasayama Cherry Blossom Festival

sasayama castle

Sasayama castle ruins is a famous location for cherry blossoms, and magnificent stone wall is left.  About 1,000 cherry trees surrounding the moat of Sasayama castle bloom In spring .  During the cherry blossom season, there are light-ups in the evenings. Visitors can enjoy the sight of cherry blossoms with high stone walls and the outer moat.

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