Kaizu-Osaki cherry blossoms have been selected as one of Japan’s 100 greatest cherry blossom spots.

Kaizu-Osaki has about 800 glorious “Yoshino” cherry trees lining the northern shore of Lake Biwa for 4km. There are 800 trees of more than 70 years and younger trees that together create a tunnel of cherry blossoms. The contrast between the blue lake water and the pink cherry blossoms is striking.

Kaizu-Osaki cherry blossoms are late blooming, generally at their peak around April 10.

Scenic boats for viewing the blossoms depart from Kaizu fishing port, which allow you to enjoy the view from the water as well as the land.

Address : 〒520-1811 Shiga, Takashima, Makino-cho, Kaizu

Access : Shuttle buses run infrequently from Makino station on the JR Kosei line (most people walk from Makino station(50mins)).

Rental bike : I recommend a rental bicycle at Makino station (at the tourist info office)