Keisoku-ji Temple/ Shiga

Keisoku-ji, located in Nagahama city, an old abandoned temple is known for its beautiful “red carpet” approach, created by the falling red maple leaves.

eigen-ji temple

Eigen-ji Temple/ Shiga

Eigen-ji, located along the gorge of the Echi-gawa river in Shiga is a beautiful spot for autumn foliage. 3,000 maple trees color the whole mountain in red.

hieizan sakamoto cable

Mt. Hiei 1day highlight trip

Mt. Hiei, Kyoto’s eastern mountain range is known for Enryaku-ji. It’s a decent 1day trip out of Kyoto to enjoy gardens, temples and shrines, and hiking trails.


Former Chikurin-in Temple/ Shiga

Former Chikurin-in Temple, located at the foot of Mt. Hiei in Shiga, originally a villa of Enryaku-ji monks, is famous for its huge and beautiful garden.


Mangetsu-ji Temple/ Shiga

Mangetsu-ji Temple, known as the Ukiumi-do, a floating temple is located in Katata on the southwest of Lake Biwa, to provide you one of the 8 beautiful landscapes of Shiga.

hiyoshi taisha

Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine/ Shiga

Hiyoshi-Taisha Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Hieizan in Shiga. The shrine is famous for beautiful autumn colors and monkeys known as divine messengers.

shirahige shrine

Shirahige Shrine/ Shiga

The majestic red torii gate of Shirahige Shrine is floating in Lake Biwa. Shirahige Shrine, located on the western side of Lake Biwa in Shiga blesses visitors with a long life.

lake biwa

A train trip around Lake Biwa/ Shiga

The Biwako line runs along the east side of Lake Biwa and the Kosei line runs along the west side. you can make a day trip around the lake by using those lines.