About 500 gigantic trees lined along both side of the long straight road, creating a magnificent scenary.

The Metasequoia Tree-lined Road of 2.4 km to the approach of the Makino Highland is located in the north of Shiga Prefecture. This scenic road is designated as one of the best 100 of Japan’s roadside tree views. Metasequoia trees, known as gigantic redwoods are about 35-meter tall, and change their colors with the seasons. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery with fresh green in spring, deep green in summer, brilliant reddish brown in autumn, and snow-covered in winter. The Metasequoia Tree-lined Road is a good option for a day trip. However the location is not easy accessible.


The breathtaking scenery ctreated by gigantic Metasequoia trees.

metasequoia summer
metasequoia winter
metasequoia takashima
metasequoia night view

The gigantic metasequoia trees create a picturesque scenery throughout the year. November is usually the best time to visit, during the autumn color season. You can stroll the sidewalk of the long straight road while viewing the breathtaking scenery ctreated by gigantic trees with brilliant reddish autumn leaves. There are no special illumination, but street lamps stood on the road magically lit up trees in the dark night to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Address : Makinocho Makino, Takashima, Shiga 520-1836

Access : Take the Makino-Kogen bus from JR Makino station on the JR Kosei line to Makino Pick-Land stop. (10-minute bus ride)

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