The closest spacious nature you can reach from Osaka to enjoy seasonal changes.

Minoo park (also spelled Mino or Minoh), a forested valley is the closest dose of nature you can reach from the central Osaka. The park is worth to visit throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy seasonal changes in the scenery, such as cherry blossoms in spring, green trees in summer, icicle-hung trees in winter. The best season to visit is in autumn, when visitors can see the brilliantly colored autumn leaves.

The 3-km paved walk to the waterfalls starts from opposite Hankyu Minoo station and should take the average person no more than 45 minutes.

The first half of the path passes by several shops, temples and other facilities. Among the few temples, Ryuan-ji Temple is the most impressive. Located at about the midpoint, the temple is part of the Shugendo mountain worship religious sect and has a number of interesting buildings. Visitors can enter some of the temple buildings for free.

● Ryuan-ji Temple (瀧安寺)

While the later half is lined with maple and ginkgo trees and surrounded by hills. You may see monkeys or deer on the way. The path finally get you to the magnificent Mino Waterfall, about 33-meter high and 5-meter wide.

minoo waterfalls
● Late November, autumn color framed the waterfalls
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The path to the waterfall is lined with maple and ginkgo and surrounded by hills that, in autumn, turn vibrant yellow, red and orange. During the season, there is a lit-up event, “Momiji Matsuri” you can enjoy the different look of the waterfalls.

Address : 1 Minookōen, Minoo, Osaka 562-0002

Access : Take the Hankyu Takarazuka line from Umeda station (JR Osaka station) to Ishibashi station (15 minutes). Change platforms here for the train to Minoh (5 minutes) 270 yen.


minoo litup

The Summer Festa Minoo Park

The Summer Festa Minoo Park is the annual event of the summer. The trail from the station, The waterfalls, and The Pavilion Phoenix of Ryoan-ji Temple are being lit up fantastically. Visitors can see the different look of the waterfalls.