Daibutsu-ike Pond, a great buddha’s pond is located at the back of the Todai-ji Temple in Nara. The area is always peaceful and quiet. Deer is peacefully roaming around and is sometime bathing in the pond in summer. It’s also waterfowl habitat for many water birds such as heron.
Ginkgo and maple trees around the pond are changing its color in autumn and their reflection in the pond is stunning. Today, the pond became a popular spot for autumn leaves. Visitors can have the great scenery with yellow and red leaves.

Address : Shibatsujicho, Nara, 630-8114

Access :  30-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara station.

Bus : It can also be reached by bus from either Kintetsu and JR Nara station. Get off at Todaiji Daibutsuden.

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