Ofusa Kannon Wind Chime Festival

Over 2,500 wind chimes, one of the features of Japanese summer are hung throughout Ofusa Kannon temple’s grounds in Nara to make you forget summer heat.

Ofusa Kannon Spring Rose Festival

In spring and autumn when the temple’s roses are in full bloom, Visitors can enjoy about 2,300 varieties of roses and smell their fragrances while…

Ryuougabuchi Pond / Nara

Ryuougabuchi is a spring-fed pond located in Uda, northeastern Nara. The surface of the water reflects the surrounding scenery, creating a mystical atmosphere.

Tanzan Jinja Shrine Autumn Lit Up

3,000 of maple trees are lit up creating a fantastic scenery along with a unique pagoda and a wooden terrace decorated by traditional lanterns at…