Mysterious water mirror reflecting the starry sky and forest

Ryuougabuchi(龍王ヶ淵) is a spring-fed pond located in the middle of mount Nakuidake, 530 meters above sea level, in Uda City, northeastern Nara Prefecture. The surface of the water beautifully reflects the surrounding scenery. It surely creates a mystical atmosphere. The pond is surrounded by rich nature, you can enjoy the vivid colors of the four seasons at Ryuougabuchi. You can also stroll around the pond to find the best shots from different angles. On the west side of the pond is the Horikoshi Shrine, which seems to be watching over Ryuougabuchi.

It is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. There is no public transportation from the station. but it is an enjoyable hike of about an hour, enjoying the greenery and rice fields. You can also stop by some small temples on the way. By Muroguchiono station, is Ono-ji Temple. The temple is best known for a huge Miroku Magaibutsu 13.8 meter tall kannon figure carved into the cliff across the Uda-gawa River from the temple.

Ryuougabuchi Pond(龍王ヶ淵 )

Address : 1795 Muroumukouji, Uda, Nara 633-0316

Access : From Muroguchiono Station on the Kintetsu Osaka line, 15-minute by taxi or 1 hour hike (about 4 km)

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