The Cliff-Carved Buddha stands before the water’s edge.

Ono-ji is a small tranquil temple, located in Southern Nara Prefecture. Uda region is tranquil and rich in nature. Visitors can probably stop by this temple on the way to Muro-ji Temple. Ono-ji Temple was founded in 681 by the creator of Shugendo mountain ascetic Buddhism, En no Gyoja. The temple is best known for a huge Miroku Magaibutsu 13.8 meter tall kannon figure carved into the cliff across the Uda-gawa River from the temple.

It is the largest fully remaining cliff-carved Buddhist statue in Japan. It was designated as a national historic site in 1920 as an important cliff-face Buddhist statue. The carving is believed to have been built by an artist from Song (in present day China) in the Kamakura period, 12-13th century.

magaibutsu ono-ji
● Miroku Magaibutsu


300-year old weeping cherry tree

Ono-ji Temple is well known for its two 300-year old weeping cherry trees blooming in spring. Visitors can see two splendid weeping cherry trees along with other fine cherry blossoms on a pleasant spring day as well as autumn leaves.

 300 year old weeping cherry tree ono-ji
cherry tree ono-ji

Address : Japan, 〒633-0315 Nara-ken, Uda-shi, Murouōno, 1680

Access : 5-minute walk from Muroguchi-ono station on the Kintetsu Osaka line

Admission : 300 yen