A beautiful valley at the headwaters of Omine mountains

Mitarai Valley is located in Tenkawa Village, surrounded by the Omine Mountains, a sacred place of mountain worship in Nara, with mountains ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 meters high. The valley, which spreads out at the headwaters of the Sanjo River flowing from the Omine Mountains, is one of the most scenic spots in Nara Prefecture, with clear water streaming down between giant rocks.

Among the four seasons, the autumn foliage season starting in November is particularly beautiful, with colorful foliage turning the surface of the river red, creating a beautiful landscape of gorge beauty and autumn leaves.

Mitarai Valley, one of Nara’s great natural wonders, is an ideal place for hiking in spring and autumn and for escaping the heat in summer. The 7.4-km-long Mitarai Trail, which leads to Dorogawa Onsen Hot Spring, is located along the valley and is dotted with scenic spots such as Mitarai Falls and Hikari no taki Falls. It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes. There are steep slopes and stairs, so please wear comfortable walking clothes.

Located less than three hours from Nara City, Mitarai Valley is recommended to be enjoyed in combination with an overnight stay in the nearby hot spring town of Dorogawa, a picturesque rural town offering a taste of old Japan.

Mitarai Valley(みたらい渓谷)

Address : Kitozumi, Tenkawa, Yoshino District, Nara 638-0303

Access : From Shimoichiguchi Station on the Kintetsu Yoshino Line, take the Nara Kotsu Bus (approx. 54 min.). 30-minute walk from Amagawa Kawai Bus Stop.

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