Pokemon Expo Gym is an entertainment facility produced by Pokémon in Osaka as part of the Expo city mall.

Pokemon Expo gym is actually a selection of attractions spread across two floors. Each one allows you to digitally interact with a wide variety of Pokémon. Also on site is a Pokémon-themed café and a giant Pokémon store. To enter the attraction area, you buy a card for 500 yen that you charge with credit in order to play the attractions.
The 600-yen attractions are more like digital shows in a display of dazzling and special effects.

The entire audience trying a couple of very simple moves, answering various questions, so everyone could get involved. You will be picked on to try and copy what the digital character showed you on screen.

●Charizard’s Battle Colosseum
●Pikachu’s Audition Studio
●Pokémon Stand-up Comedy
●Zoroark’s Slick Dojo

The 400-yen attractions are either played individually or in pairs and are kind of traditional video games with Pokémon-theme.


●Macho J’s Pokémon Boxercise
●Gardevoir’s Investigation Headquarters
●Pokémon Battle Bowling

A big problem with the Pokémon gym, all the attractions are in Japanese. If you have no Japanese language skills then a visit to the gym is going to be a confusing experience but there is loads of merchandise to keep you entertained. The store has a  wide range of Pokémon goods, and the café sells everything in Pikachu wrapping.

Pokemon Store

Access : 3-minute walk from Banpaku-kinen koen station on the Osaka mono-rail

Hours : Attraction area 11:00 to 18:00: Store and Cafe 10:00 to 20:00

Open hours are changed according to season