A triangular shaped delta by Kyoto’s iconic Kamo-gawa River, to chill out.

The Kamo-gawa Delta is home to Tadasu no mori, the famous woods of Shimogamo Shrine. The Kamo-gawa river is the main river in Kyoto. It runs through the center of the city from the north to the south. This triangular shaped land is where it merges with the Takano-gawa River. As you may know, The Kamo-gawa river is an iconic river in Kyoto city with much history and tradition. Along with the Kamo-gawa delta, a riverbed of the Kamo-gawa river is a popular place for the both locals and tourists to chill out. You can enjoy memorable seasonal scenery by walking along the Kamo-gawa River

kamogawa delta
kamogawa delta

There are stepping stones near the Kamogawa Delta. You can walk across the river on the stones. Those steps are in different levels of difficulty, and some being more challenging than others. You will also find some of them are shaped of a turtle, and a bird.

The Kamo-gawa delta is very relaxing spot.

The Kamo-gawa Delta is also one of the best viewing spot for the annual Daimonji Gozan Okuribi Festival each summer on August 16. Visitors can easily visit the nearby Shimogamo Shrine, built on the delta itself which is famous throughout Japan.

Address : Shimogamo Miyakawacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-0801

Access : A short walk from Demachi-yanagi station either on the Keihan line and the Eizan line

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