A greeny national park with the largest wooden foot suspension bridge in Japan, to look out a panoramic view, is a good place for a day hike or a picnic.

Hoshida-Enchi Park (ほしだ園地), a national park is located in the east side of Osaka at the prefucture’s border with Nara. It is a good destination to enjoy a beautiful forest while viewing different kinds of landscapes and flowers on their walking paths.

The walking path in Hoshida-Enchi is very easy on the feet, and you can just follow signs to get the destination. At some points along the path, there are alternative ways, but you don’t miss too much if you just follow the main path.

hoshidaenchi rock climb

If you come upon the Keihan Kisaichi station, you will enter the park via a boardwalk alongside the river. The boardwalk leads you to the mouth of the park. Firstly, you will come across an information centre, and a food store. Then, you will see a 16.5 m high artificial rock climbing wall. To have fun with the wall, you are required a training session completed and to book in advance. They provide a professional lecture even to small kids. After the rock climbing spot, the path branches off, but they all link up at some point, so you can take whichever your want.

hoshi no blanco

Highlight of Hoshida-Enchi is the largest wooden foot suspension bridge.

hoshidaenchi bridge

Finally, at the end of the path, You suddenly come across the suspension bridge across the forest called “Hoshi-no-buranko”, the Star of Blanco Bridge. You probably didn’t notice there was this giant bridge over your head when you were down there. The bridge is 280 m long and 50 m tall, the largest wooden foot suspension bridge in Japan.

hoshidaenchi bridge autumn
hoshidaenchi bridge autumn

Crossing the bridge is kinda thrilling.

It’s a really fun experience to look out a panoramic view, however you can feel the swaying as you cross. Hoshida-enchi Park is one of the best viewing spot for autumn leaves in Osaka. You can have an even more fantastic experience to look out over autumn red leaves by crossing the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you can start the journey back home. In addition, you can keep exploring the various paths around the park.

hoshidaenchi trail
hoshidaenchi night

Additionally, you can extend your trip to Iwafune Shrine. The Shrine houses a huge 12 meter high and 12 meter deep rock. Japanese mythology says that “Nigihayashi no Mikoto” (the grandson of the Sun Goddess). The shrine also has a rocky cave you can get in.

A Hidden Spiritual Power Spot, Iwafune Shrine

iwafune shrine

Address : 5019-1 Hoshida, Katano, Osaka 576-0011

Access : From either Osaka or Kyoto, take the Keihan main line to Hirakatashi, then switch to the Keihan Katano line to Kisaichi station. About 40-minute walk to the mouth of the park from Kisaichi station.

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