Visitors can view a vast panorama of cherry blossoms.

The park is located to the north of Iwashimizu-Hachimangu Station on the Keihain main line, just across Kizugawamiyuki bridge. There is a line of about 250 “Yoshino” cherry blossom trees that extends for about 1.4 kilometers along the Sewari Yodogawa river bank.

Yawata city is a place where three main rivers of Kyoto merge. At the separation levee between the Yodo river and the Kizu river there, about 250 cherry blossom trees have been planted and they make up a long tunnel of cherry blossom trees. The surrounding area is a riverside park with a large lawn area and a lookout area. There are some food stalls along the path, so you can buy some food there and eat it along the way.

From Iwashimizu-Hachimangu station on the Keihan main line, it takes about 10 minutes on foot. You won’t lose the way during the cherry blossom season because so many people are walking in the same direction.  After admiring the beauty of the upper side of the cherry blossom tunnel, you can go along the lower side of the bank and appreciate the beauty of the blossoms from the outside.

The view from the observation deck
● A view from observation platform
observation deck
● Observation platform

In autumn, you can also enjoy strolling through a long tunnel of autumn foliage.

yodogawa sewari bank

Address : Yawata, Kyoto 614-8312

Access : 10-minutw walk from Yawata-shi station on the Keihan main line

Admission : Free to enter

When you come back to the Keihan station, you can take a cable car to Iwashimizu Hachimangu shrine, which is a famous National Treasure shrine on the top of a mountain. There are also beautiful cherry blossoms on the shrine’s ground.

iwashimizu hachiman-gu

Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu Shrine (石清水八幡宮)