Tsutenkaku was built in 1912 as the symbol of Shin-Sekai (which mean “new world”.)

600yen admission to the 85m observation platform on the 5th floor gives you a bird’s eye view of Osaka. You will see a strange little golden man with a cheeky smile: his name is Billiken. If you rub the soles of his feet, it will bring you good luck.


The round neon sign on the top of Tsutenkaku indicates the weather forecast. It uses a combination of colors (white for sunny, red for cloudy, and blue for rain).
It’s confusing isn’t it? Don’t you think that red should be for sunny?
通天閣の天気予報。 白が晴れ 赤が曇り……….. なんだかややこしいですね?

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