People are finding all sorts of different ways to enjoy the Pokémon experience: from playing the video game itself to exercising and exploring parks. Now in Osaka, the Interactive Pokémon exhibition with a new science experience – “Pokemon Lab” is being held.


You can experience scientific methods and processes through the Pokémon world! You can also buy exclusive Pokémon goods. For children, it is a good chance to learn how to do things scientifically. There are three labs in the exhibition.

1st Lab: You become a one day researcher of “The Pokemon Laboratory”! Your mission is to find out which Pokemon is in your Poke Ball. You will analyze by using one of the installed observation machines
2nd Lab:  This lab is “Pokémon Collection Room”. You can observe all the Pokémon discovered until now.  Let’s try to categorize them by their characteristics!

3rd Lab: You can learn the importance of observation and categorization processes in scientific research by witnessing examples of actual scientific discoveries.

Location : “Knowledge Capital” inside Grand-Front Osaka, North wing building, 1F.

Date : 16th, JUL to 4th, SEP 2016.  9:30 to 18:00.

Access : About 5 minute walk from JR Osaka station or Umeda station on the Osaka city subway, Hankyu Railway and Hanshin Railway.

Admission : Adults: 1400 yen; under 15s: 700yen; children of three and under: no charge.

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