A small sub-temple dedicated to the Zen master in the Nanzen-ji Temple’s grounds, a few steps away from the Sanmon-gate.

Tenjuan Temple is a small sub temple of Nanzen-ji Temple. The temple dedicated to the Zen master who served the Emperor Kameyama in his religious studies. The name Tenjuan (天授庵 ), literarily means “Heaven Given”. Tenjuan Temple has a main hall, a study and two gardens which date back to the early 17th century. A rock garden feature dry stones, moss, trees and geometric patterns. And a stroll-style garden is beautifully created with a pond centered. The both gardens are particularly stunning in the spring and autumn.

Tenjuan’s secret gardens


Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the rock garden while sitting on a wooden porch and stroll the path around the pond in a lush garden.


In Autumn, the garden is colored with brilliant red autumn leaves. It particularly attractive during autumn illumination in the evenings.

Tenjuan Garden(天授庵)

Address : Japan, 〒606-8435 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Sakyō-ku, Nanzenji Fukuchichō, 86−8

Hours : 9:00 to 17:00 (until 16:30 during winter)

Admission : 500 yen


Autumn Illumination

tenjyuan illumination

Tenjuan Temple’s beautiful gardens are lit up for the special night visit. Brilliant autumn colours and beautiful gardens create the fantastic scenery in the night.

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