A pleasant historical hot spring town allows you to have a unique Japanese experience while strolling around in Yukata, and hot springs hopping.

Kinosaki Onsen (城崎温泉) , located in northern Hyogo Prefecture is easily accessible from Kyoto, or Osaka. Actually It is an ideal Japanese onsen town in the Kansai area. Kinosaki Onsen has more than 1300 years of history. This pleasant hot spring town, built along the beautiful willow-lined canal is famous for its seven different public hot springs. Kinosaki Onsen has developed into a nicely old-fashioned hot spring town like nowherelse in Japan today. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the beautiful willow-lined streets in Japanese yukata, and visit the numerous relaxing hot springs. You can also enjoy fresh sea foods and Wagyu beef, or simply enjoy the scenery, the nostalgic atmosphere and the charm in Kinosaki.


Stroll around Kinosaki Onsen Town in the traditional way.


If you stay at Kinosaki’s accommodations, yukata will be provided to guests. You can also rent an entire yukata set from local yukata rental shops. Once you get a yukata and geta (wooden clogs) ready, You can go anywhere in the town, even on the ropeway to the observatory and temples near by. You can easily walk to all seven public hot springs in the town, even with wooden clogs is no problem. Strolling along the cherry blossom and weeping willow lined canal, or dinning and drinking at local restaurants and bars in yukata is a distinctly Japanese experience.

kinosaki sakura
kinosaki snow

Before scientific research showed that the mineral properties and contents of the natural hot spring waters had the ability to heal. Ancient people of Kinosaki believed that the healing abilities of the onsen was the power of the onsen guardian. When the onsen hot springs were first discovered in Kinosaki, they were considered as gifts from the guardian deity. Therefore, you could only enter the hot springs after visiting Onsen-ji Temple on the mountain, where the onsen guardian is enshrined.

Seven Hot Springs Hopping

If you are up to try all 7 hot springs bath houses, you can purchase a day pass (about 1200 Yen) from anyone of the bathhouses or accommodations you stay. You can also purchase a map with a stamp book for a small fee as a great souvenir.

kinosaki 7 springs

1. Satono-yu bath house (さとの湯)


It is located right next to JR Kinosaki station. Satono-yu offers a beautiful panoramic view from outdoor baths on the third floor. Satono-yu also features sauna with aromatic herbs, and Jacuzzis. The male and female baths are changed daily between Japanese and Roman style, so you can try both style, if you stay more than 2 days in Kinosaki.

Hours : 13:00 to 21:00 (Closed Every Monday)

Admission : 800 yen

2. Jizou-yu bath house (地蔵湯)

jizou-yu bath

Jizou-yu, named after a Buddhist deity that watches children’s safe was designed to resemble a Japanese lantern. This retro style bath house is still popular for locals. The waters here are said that bring safety and prosperity for family.

Hours : 07:00 to 23:00 (Closed Every Friday)

Admission : 600 yen

3. Yanagi-yu bath house (柳湯)

yanagi-yu foot-bath

Yanagi-yu is named after the willow trees, lined the streets of central Kinosaki. This small bath house has a very traditional and homely atmosphere providing a warm and relaxing experience. The hot spring waters here are said to ensure fertility and safe childbirth for women.

Hours : 15:00 to 23:00 (Closed Every Thursday)

Admission : 600 yen

4. Ichino-yu bath house (一の湯)


Ichino-yu bath house has renovated in 1999. Today, this kabuki theater-like built bath house is a popular Landmark in the area. Ichino-yu has many modern bathing facilities and the featured outdoor bath in a cave-setting. It is said that the hot spring waters here bring success in school and safe travel.

Hours : 07:00 to 23:00 (Closed Every Wednesday)

Admission : 600yen

5. Goshono-yu bath house (御所の湯)


Goshono-yu is one of the largest of the seven bath houses, known as the “Water of Beauty”. It is said that the hot spring waters here bring good luck for finding love.
Goshno-yu bath house has large and impressive Japanese Cypress beams hold up the bath area’s expansive ceiling. The outdoor bath is surrounded by nature making a very beautiful and relaxed setting along with crashing sounds of the waterfall in the background.

Hours : 07:00 to 23:00 (Closed 1st & 3rd Thursdays)

Admission : 800yen

6. Mandara-yu bath house (まんだら湯)


Mandara-yu, set back from the main road, offers a quiet and traditional onsen experience. It is said that the hot springs here bring prosperity in business and agriculture. Mandara-yu has probably the most impressive architecture and there are two small ceramic outside baths, you can enjoy the mountain views.

Hours : 15:00 to 23:00 (Closed Every Wednesday)

Admission : 600 yen

7. Kouno-yu bath house (鴻の湯)


Kouno-yu is the the oldest hot spring in Kinosaki. According to legend, storks used to bathe to heal its wounds here. It is also said that the hot spring waters of Kouno-yu provide longevity and happiness in marriage.
Kouno-yu bath house has impressive outdoor bath facilities surrounded by nature.

Hours : 07:00 to 23:00 (Closed Every Tuesday)

Admission : 600yen

Access from Osaka : 160-minute by JR limited express “Konotori” from JR Osaka station (Japan Rail Pass is available)

Access from Kyoto : 150-minute by JR limited express “Kinosaki” from JR Kyoto station (Japan Rail Pass is available)

A highway bus offers quick, safe and affordable travel between Osaka – Kinosaki. Zentan Bus Company.

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