A local greenery park, to offer a stunning sight of cherry blossom.

Uchiagegawa Chisui Ryokuchi Park is a greenery park with a flood control pond in Neyagawa city of Osaka. The park is made for a space of relaxation with the nature, and it also has a role to prevent flooding and as a shelter for disasters. Uchiage-gawa Ryokuchi Park consists of the pond and lawn open spaces. You can stroll around by promenade around the pond and, along the Uchiage River.

uchiage-gawa ryokuchi park
uchiage-gawa lit up

There are about 200 cherry trees in the park, you can enjoy in spring. When they are in full bloom, trees are lit up with special LED lights during the season to create a magical atmosphere.

Uchiage-gawa Chisui Ryokuchi Park

Address: 25 Uzumasa Sakuragaoka, Neyagawa, Osaka 572-0840

Access : 25-minute walk from Neyagawa station on the Keihan main line.

Bus : Take the Keihan bus #21 or 47B from Neyagawa station to Kannonbashi stop.


Cherry Blossom lit up

uchiage-gawa ryokuchi park lit up

Those beautifuly lit up cherry blossom reflected on the surface of the pond is a breathtaking view.

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