Wakayama Castle, a majestic symbol, is located very close to Wakayama city center and surrounded by Wakayama-koen Park.

The castle was built by the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshifirst in 1585. Unfortunately,Wakayama Castle was destroyed in World War Ⅱ, but the inner moat and the stone walls surrounding the castle have remained from the original castle. The existing donjon (castle tower) and most of the present buildings was rebuilt in 1958.

Wakayama Castle is on a small hill and gives you good views over the town and out as far as the sea.  The castle’s grounds are open for public.  In spring, Wakayama’s most popular spot for cherry blossom viewing.

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Nishinomaru Garden

“Nishinomaru-Teien”, is one of the few remaining gardens created on the grounds of the castle. It’s also called “Momiji-dani garden”, autumn leaf valley because of the beauty of the autumn foliage. Visitors can admire the garden while having some Japanese tea and sweets at an adjacent teahouse, Koshou-an.

wakayama castle
wakayama castle autumn

Wakayama Castle(和歌山城)

Address : 〒640-8146 Wakayama, Ichibancho, 3

Access : 20-minute walk from JR Wakayama Station or a 10 minute walk from Nankai Wakayami-shi Station. There are buses from both places to Wakayama Castle Park entrance.


Wakayama Castle Sakura Festival

wakayama castle

From late March to early April, roughly 600 cherry trees turn the park into a sea of light pink. The trees at Wakayama Castle are lit up at night, creating truly magical and exceptional scenery.