A beautiful strolling path in northern Higashiyama between Eikan-do Temple in the south, and Ginkaku-ji Temple in the north, to explore while admiring the beauty of autumn colors.

10-minute walk (0.8 km) from Keage station on the subway Tozai Line

1. Nanzen-ji Temple(南禅寺)


A huge temple is famous for a large aqueduct on the grounds.

Nanzen-ji is one of the best spot for autumn color in Kyoto. Visitors can enjoy beautiful autumn foliage along with many temple buildings, a dry sand garden, and a large brick aqueduct in its huge precincts.

Hours : 8:40 to 17:00 (till 16:30 in DEC) , Admission : 500 yen (Hojo garden)

5-minute walk (0.4 km)

2. Eikan-do Temple(永観堂)


Eikan-do is probably the best place for viewing autumn color.

It is probably the most popular spot, well-known as “Eikan-do in Maple Leaves”, because of its beautiful stroll-style garden filled with 3,000 maple trees. In late November, You can enjoy the scenery with bright red autumn leaves. The temple has a long history, and there are a variety of buildings you can explore.

Hours : 9:00 to 16:00 (Lit-up 17:30 to 20:30), Admission : 1,000 yen (during the season)

4-minute walk (0.3 km)

4. The Path of Philosophy (哲学の道)

philosophy path

A pleasant canal path stretch from Eikan-do to Ginkaku-ji

You can peacefully stroll along the canal. The path is most popular in spring when its cherry tree-lined canal bloom, but it’s also beautiful especially with reflection of bright red color on the water.

15-minute walk (1.1 km) along the walking path

5. Honen-in Temple(法然院)


A small peaeful temple provide calm atmosphere. Visitors can see beautiful autumn leaves along an amazing scenic approach with a moss-covered thatched gate.

10-minute walk (0.8 km)

6. Ginkaku-ji Temple(銀閣寺)


Another world heritage site have the finest garden in Kyoto.

The silver Pavilion with a unique dry sand garden, known as the “Sea of Silver Sand”, with a massive sand cone. Visitors can enjoy walking the path along a circular route around temple’s grounds, and catch glimpses of the Pavilion and gardens along with autumn foliage from different points.

Hours : 8:30 to 16:30, Admission : 500 yen

Take the Kyoto city bus from Ginkaku-ji mae bus stop to Demachiyanagi station on the Keiham Line

Nansen-ji-Ginkaku-ji route map

Length : 3.5 km required Time : 4.0 hours

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