Omamori, “amulets” are  imbued with Fuku (Good Luck, protective power, blessings). They grew to be popular both Shinto and Buddhism in Japan.  Priests thought putting the power and strength of the gods into small pocket-sized blessings would keep people away from evil spirits, and protect people from bad experiences.

All over Japan, each shrine and temple sells a wide selection of hand-made, delightfully colorful omamori.  They are meant to be put on or in your purse, wallet, bag, pocket. Whether you believe a higher power’s blessing, they are very popular, especially during New Year holidays and entrance examination season for students.


Each Omamori represents a different kind of protection.

Katsumori ”勝守” – Success Talisman

Katumori is likely to be found at almost all shrines and temples.  it possesses a heavy promise.  You channel your energy into a single goal, and the “success” talisman guarantees it will happen.

Yakuyoke ”厄除け” – Keep evil away Amulet

In life’s journey, these are meant for people in “critical ages”. For men, these ages are 25, 41, 42, and 43. For women, these ages are 19, 32, 33 and 34. The energy of the gods will disperse misfortune associated with these periods of change or uncertainty and add stability.

Shoubai-hanjyou “商売繁盛” – Money Talisman

Business success.

Gakugyo-jojyu ”学業成就” – Education Talisman

Successful studies with true depth and breadth. This talisman is popular among students.

Kotsu-anzen ”交通安全” – Traffic safety Amulet

Personal safety travel amulet. Taxi drivers, heavy commuters are almost certain to have one.

Enmusubi ”縁結び” – Love Talisman

To find and maintain the best relationship in life.

Kaiun “開運” – Luck-Boosting Talisman

Power of happiness. A general Luck talisman to boost your luck.

Kanai-anzen ”家内安全” – Family protection Amulet

to promote good health and to keep a family from harm.

Anzan-mori “安産守”

For safe birth

Byouki-heiyu ”病気平癒”

Good Health and Recovery of Health

Kenko-mori ”健康守”

keep your health and avoid illness

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