Shukugawa park is Located both side of the Shukugawa River in the west of Nishinomiya City.  The Park stretches from Hankyu Kurakuen-guchi station in the north to Koroen-hama beach in the south. The park is famous for the cherry blossom viewing spot as it’s selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry viewing spots.

In Spring, About 2,300 cherry trees can be seen lined on both sides of the river extending 2.7 km from Hankyu Kurakuen-guchi station to Hanshin Koroen station.
You can enjoy viewing a variety of cherry trees not only well known “Someiyoshino” but also cherry trees ranging from mountain cherry trees, Kanzan cherry trees and Ukon cherry trees to mention a few. Green landscape in summer and colorful leaves in autumn are breathtaking as well.

Address : Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0000

Access : A short walk from Hankyu Shukugawa station or Kurakuenguchi station,  JR  Sakura-Shukugawa station, or  Hanshin Koroen station