A place you can enjoy fine foods, drink and the cultural exchange with local tipsy people.

You may see a lot of signs 「居酒屋」”Izakaya” when you wander around on the street for restaurants in town.

You’ll be able to get to meet many happy tipsy people there, enjoy the culture exchange with local Japanese people

What is Izakaya 「居酒屋」? “Izakaya” is one of Japan’s most popular casual restaurant bar for local people to spend an enjoyable time with friends, colleagues, lovers and family. You can taste beer or Japanese sake with a variety of foods at a reasonable price. The cost would be about 3,000 yen for a few pints and some dishes.

You will have many choices such as fresh raw fish sushi, sashimi, fried chicken, fried fish and vegetables, edamame beans, tofu and salad…. and  you can also have other than Japanese foods such as Italian, Chinese, Korean foods.

izakaya menu

They usually open 365 days a year from late evening to late night.
Non-smoking rooms are rarely available but they often have a private space with a partition, so you’d better check if you go with children.

Here is the list of Izakaya chain you can find easily. They are not superb, but just fine and reasonable.

「和民」Wa-ta-mi     「坐・和民」Za-Wa-ta-mi

「白木屋」Shiroki-ya 「魚民」Uo-tami 「笑笑」Wara-wara

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