A small temple, located at the far end of a quiet residential area, one of the most important historic site of Haiku, a Japanese style poetry.

Konpuku-ji (金福寺) is located in northern Higashiyama of Kyoto. It is a quieter small temple, related to haiku poets of Edo period. The temple was founded in 864 by An’ne, the fourth head priest of Enryaku-ji Temple due to his master, Ennin’s dying wish. Originally Konpuku-ji was called Ryuge-an. However, the temple was ruined years later. Tesshu, the head priest of Enko-ji rebuilt Konpuku-ji sometime during 1684-1688.

A renowned Japanese Haiku poet Matsuo Basho(1644-1694), frequently visited the temple and had enjoyed an intellectual and cultural exchanges with Tesshu. So a thatched hut Basho stayed in the back of the garden called Basho-an, named after Matsuo Basho. Once Basho-an dilapidated, but Yosa Buson(1716-1783), one of the representative haiku poet who admired Matsuo Basho, restored the hut in 1781.


Basho-an hut

The hut is sitting peacefully on hilltop, overlooking the city below. Visitors can have a seat in the hut to enjoy a spectacular view. Konpuku-ji is a temple closely connected to these haiku poets of the Edo period. Basho-an hut is named after the famous haiku poet. A stone monument, erected by Yosa Buson to the memory of Basho, a portrait and grave stone of Yosa Buson can be seen on the temple’s grounds.

Konpuku-ji offers a beautiful dry garden.

The temple has Karesansui, a dry landscape garden in front of the main hall. It’s particularly beautiful along with pinkish azaleas in full bloom in May and autumn colors.

Address : 20 Ichijoji Saikatacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8157

Access : 15-minute walk from Ichijoji station on the Eizan main line.

Bus : From Kyoto station, take the Kyoto city bus No.5 to Ichijoji-Sagarimatsu-cho, then 10-minute walk towards the hill.

Hours : 9:00 to 17:00 (Closed JAN 16 to 31, AUG 5 to 20, DEC 30 and 31.)

Admission : 300 Yen

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