Somei-Yoshino cherry trees, among the four other varieties, planted in groups, making it the longest cherry blossom viewing passage in western Japan.

Ono city is located in the Kita-Harima region in Hyogo prefecture. It is surrounded by rich natural environment.
You should come and walk around the remaining virgin landscape of Japan. Also you can see and eat and talk to the local people.

Ono cherry-blossom-viewing corridor 「おの桜つづみ回廊」

ono somei yoshino
●Somei-Yoshino making a tunnel
ono beni-shidare
● Weeping cherry “Yae-Beni-Shidare”

The longest cherry blossom viewing passage in western Japan

A total of 650 cherry trees line up for a stretch of 4km along upstream to downstream of the river, and surrounded parks. During late march to early April, they make it the longest cherry-blossom corridor in Western Japan.

Visitors can enjoy 5 different spices of cherry trees “Somei-Yoshino”, “Edo-Higan”, “Oshima”, “Yae-Beni-Shidare”, and “Omoigawa”. As a result, 5 different cherry trees bloom in seasonal order to let us enjoy the flowers-viewing longer.

Access : 20-minute walk (1.5 km) from Ao station on the JR Kakogawa line

About 1-hour from JR Sannomiya

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