Rurikoin Autumn Special Viewing

Rurikoin is open to visitors only during special viewing periods in spring, summer, and autumn. Visitors may enjoy its iconic scenery of reflected maple leaves.

Zuiki Festival at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Zuiki Festival at Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine is held in appreciation for the year’s grain harvest. You can enjoy the parade of portable shrines around the shrine.

Nada Fighting Festival

Nada Fighting Festival is the popular festival in Himeji City. The portable shrines are jolted awhen carried on the shoulders of the men in the parade.

Tanabe Fireworks Display / Wakayama

Fireworks light up the autumn sky over Tanabe Bay at this annual fireworks display. This is a part of Benkei matsuri Festival. (Benkei is Tanabe’s…

Otsu Matsuri Festival (大津祭)

Otsu Matsuri is one of Shiga’s three major festivals.13 floats with performances of mechanical dolls, are gorgeously decorated and are carried through the city.

Kurama Fire Festival

The Kurama Fire Festival is counted as one of the three great unusual festivals of Kyoto. Held at Yuki-jinja Shrine, in Kurama.