Illuminations |

Daigo-ji Temple Autumn Illumination

Daigo-ji in Yamashina, is open for special night visit to show it’s illuminated autumn colors. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the the Benten-do in the dark.

Minoo Momiji Festival / Osaka

Minoo Momiji Festival is the annual event of the autumn. Visitors can see the different look of Minoo waterfalls and temples lit up fantastically.

Tanzan Jinja Shrine Autumn Lit Up

Maple trees are lit up creating a fantastic scenery along with a unique pagoda and a wooden terrace decorated by traditional lanterns at Tanzan-Jinja Shrine.

Daikaku-ji Autumn illumination/ Kyoto

Autumn color illumination is held at Daikaku-ji Temple in Arashiyama. The reflection of autumn leaves on the Osawa-no-ike pond’s surface are so beautiful.

Koko-en Garden Autumn Lit-up / Hyogo

Koko-en garden is particularly beautiful with autumn color. From sunset, Visitors can enjoy a fantastic view different from that during the daytime.