Autumn is one of the best times to visit Japan with stunning autumn foliage and mild temperatures.

Autumn「秋」 in Japan is usually between September and November. September is still hot and is the time of year with a risk of typhoons. October is a good time for traveling. It is still pleasantly warm with less humidity. In November as the weather cools, leaves begin to change its color, beginning in northern areas and higher altitudes, and spreading to all areas.

Kyoto is considered the best place to see beautiful autumn colors. Maple and Ginkgo leaves turn red, yellow at public parks, gardens, mountains, temples, shrines. During autumn color season, many traditional festivals take place all over the Kansai area, you can enjoy.

The best viewing spots for autumn colors in Kansai

minoo waterfalls
Minoo water falls / Osaka
Ruriko-in Temple / Kyoto
Eikan-do Temple / Kyoto