Maple leaves change their colours: the best viewing spots for autumn colours in Kansai.

Japan may be known for the cherry blossom that covers the nation and preoccupies the citizenry for a week in spring, but the autumnal colors – koyo 「紅葉」 – are no less spectacular. The leaves start to change in October and peak autumn colors are usually reached in mid-November. The last of the colors fade by mid-December.

Tips : There are, however, two things you can do to enhance your experience. Avoid weekends and aim to enter the better-known temples around an hour before they close.

minoo waterfalls

Osaka/ 大阪


Kyoto/ 京都

daibustu-ike pond

Nara/ 奈良

Hyogo/ 兵庫

nachi water falls

Wakayama/ 和歌山

hiyoshi taisha

Shiga/ 滋賀