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Tenjin-Matsuri Festival

July 24 July 25

Tenjin-Matsuri is one of Japan’s three best festivals. It is held to show the prosperity of Osaka and for the people to pray for business prosperity and their health.

Tenjin-Matsuri is originally the festival of Osaka Tenmangu. Particularly the shrine is popular with locals praying for academic success since it is devoted to the deity of learning: “Sugawara no Michizane”. The main celebration is held on the second day, July 25th. It includes a land procession with “mikoshi” (portable shrines), a river procession with festival boats along the Okawa River and spectacular fireworks as night falls.

Tenjin Matsuri

Admission : Free

Access : To Osaka Tenmangu, 5mins walk from Osaka Tenmangu station on JR Tozai line or Minamimorimachi station on the Osaka subway Tanimachi-line.