• Kyoto Bus 1-day pass abolished

    FEB 10, 2023

    Kyoto City will stop selling one-day bus passes (700 yen for adults) , popular among tourists in September 2023 and abolish them in March 2024. Sales of one-day passes (1,100 yen for adults) for city buses and subways will continue. Residents who commute to work or school were unable to board the trains, which became a problem as over-tourism.

    Kyoto City Bus & Subway 

  • Now it’s even faster to travel from Osaka to Gion, Kyoto/ Keihan Railway

    The comfortable Keihan train has started a Saturday and Sunday rakuraku (fun, fun!) service that runs non-stop between Kyobashi, Osaka and Shichijo in Kyoto in 35 minutes. The train then stops at Gion-shijo, Sanjo and Demachiyanagi. Aside from the speed, a surprising additional benefit is that you are likely to get a seat. We observed plenty of available seats when getting on at Kyobashi station – the express trains that also stop at Hirakata and Kuzuha tend to be very crowded.

    Saturday and Sunday from Kyobashi 09:07, 09:37, 10:07, 10:37 and 11:07.

    Returning from Demachiyanagi 16:02 (Sanjo 16:05, Gion-shijo 16:07, Shichijo 16:10), 16:32, 17:05, 17:32 and 18:02.

    Unfortunately, the rakuraku train does not run in the morning from Kyoto to Osaka or in the evening from Osaka to Kyoto.

    ノンストップ京阪特急『洛楽』 2016年3月19日(土)からの毎土休日淀屋橋 ⇔ 出町柳 ※京橋〜七条間ノンストップ

    Keihan Electric Railway