Osaka style food/ Konamono

Osaka style food is reasonable, good taste which explains why they are so popular. Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and kushikatsu are all categorized as “konamono”


Bitter and Sweet/ Matcha sweets 「抹茶」

The Uji area in Kyoto has been a famous green tea production center. Matcha is powdered green tea and, is used in a wide variety of popular sweets.


It’s a delicious street food in Osaka/ Takoyaki

What is Takoyaki? It’s a delicious Osakan street food made of diced octopus in a wheat flour-based batter. The snack is lightly fried in special moulded pans

akanemaru honpo

Dorayaki/ Akanemaru-honpo 「茜丸本舗」

Dorayaki is a type of Japanese confection, а red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella cake. Doraemon loves dorayaki!


Japanese best chocolate/ Carre´de Chocolate

カカオ感たっぷりで おいしいチョコ。森永カレ・ド・ショコラ
Just the right amount of bitterness to compliment a hot cup of green tea, Cacao 70 by Carre´de Chocolate is our recommendation.