snowy lanterns

Mt. Kongo/ Osaka has the mountain and snow!

Mt. Kongo is the tallest mountain in Osaka. During winter Mt. Kongo is covered in snow and beautiful scenery of juhyo (trees glazed with ice) can be seen.

panda kuroshio train

Panda Kuroshio Smile Adventure Train/ Wakayama

The Kuroshio Express train runs as Panda Kuroshio Smile train with special Panda rapping to Wakayama, Shirahama, Nachi-falls that makes your journey memorable.


Ginkaku-ji Temple「銀閣寺」/ The Silver Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji Temple, the silver Pavilion, located at the end of the path of philosophy in Kyoto’s Higashiyama. The temple is famous for its unique dry sand garden.


Kennin-ji Temple「建仁寺」/ Kyoto

Kennin-ji is of the best Zen Temple in Kyoto, located just south of Kyoto’s famous Gion geisha district. The temple has beautiful zen gardens and artworks.

The ebisu tower

The Ebisu Tower/ Dotonbori

The Ferris wheel, called the Ebisu Tower, located near the famous Glico Man signboard along the Dotonbori River, is offering a new view of the Dotonbori street and the skyline of Osaka city.

sagano scenic train

The Sagano Scenic Railway/ Kyoto

The Sagano scenic train runs along the Hozugawa river to offer breathtaking landscapes. Passengers can enjoy the scenic beauty of cherry blossoms, red maple trees.

Joya-no kane

New year’s eve Temple bell ceremony

Temple bell rings 108 times on December 31st, “Joya-no-kane” event is held at temples all over Japan. It has existed in Japan since ancient times.


Omamori/ Japanese Amulets keep you safe!

Omamori, “amulets” are imbued with Fuku (Good Luck, protective power, blessings). They grew to be popular both Shinto and Buddhism in Japan.