panda kuroshio train

Panda Kuroshio Smile Adventure Train/ Wakayama

The Kuroshio Express train runs as Panda Kuroshio Smile train with special Panda rapping to Wakayama, Shirahama, Nachi-falls that makes your journey memorable.

Aoi festival

Aoi Matsuri Festival/ Kyoto

Aoi Matsuri Festival is the most important annual rituals. The highlight is the parade with 500 people wearing splendid ancient costumes and traditional make-up.


Kennin-ji Temple「建仁寺」/ Kyoto

Kennin-ji is of the best Zen Temple in Kyoto, located just south of Kyoto’s famous Gion geisha district. The temple has beautiful zen gardens and artworks.

senko-ji temple

Senko-ji 「千光寺」/ Kyoto

Senko-ji, a small zen temple, located on the Arashiyama mountainside that offers a panoramic view of the city of Kyoto, and some peace and quiet.

sagano scenic train

The Sagano Scenic Railway/ Kyoto

The Sagano scenic train runs along the Hozugawa river to offer breathtaking landscapes. Passengers can enjoy the scenic beauty of cherry blossoms, red maple trees.

kokoen garden

Koko-en Garden 「好古園」/ Himeji

Koko-en, Japanese traditional garden in the west side of Himeji Castle consists of 9 various gardens of the Edo Period. Visitors can enjoy the seasonal changes.

Joya-no kane

New year’s eve Temple bell ceremony

Temple bell rings 108 times on December 31st, “Joya-no-kane” event is held at temples all over Japan. It has existed in Japan since ancient times.


Omamori/ Japanese Amulets keep you safe!

Omamori, “amulets” are imbued with Fuku (Good Luck, protective power, blessings). They grew to be popular both Shinto and Buddhism in Japan.